About EMF Suppresion

EMF’s or “electromagnetic fields” are generated by all electrical, wireless and cellular devices. The use of computers, cell phones and our wireless technology is woven within the fabric of our everyday life.  We rely on the invisible electromagnetic fields, or EMFs that make our wireless world tick.  The problem is the man-made EMFs associated with our technology have a negative impact on our body’s natural energy field.  This is the new invisible pollution.   We are immersed in these EMFs daily.  Some people experience physical symptoms that include fatigue, migraines, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), insomnia and brain fog.  For others, the symptoms are subtle — yet we are all impacted.  The time for TheWave is now.

To learn more about the dangers of EMFs see The Ted Talk by Jeromy Johnson, “Wireless Wake-Up Call”.

“As TheWavePlug neutralizes the interference caused by man-made technology, the resulting experience is one of the absence of interference and resistance.  In other words, the absence of toxicity becomes the experience.”  Darlene Green  

Kirlian Photographs

Kirllian photography is one way we may begin to understand the impact of EMFs on our natural energy field.

As our technology and wireless connection continues to expand, the impact of man-made EMFs on our natural energy fields are inevitable. The man-made EMFs cause a disturbance, or resistance to our natural field. This is experienced as a “drag” on our energy, vitality and well being.

Wikipedia describes Kirlian photography as “a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges.”  All nature has an electromagnetic field.  Some people with a high level of sensitivity can see them as colors or a glow around people, trees and animals.

Before The Wave

In the first kirlian photo there is a cell phone resting on the subject’s right shoulder. Then the photo was taken.

Notice the quality of light in the first photo. There is a smoggy, blotchy, cloudy quality to the light. The cell phone cannot be seen and the subject’s face is obscured. Although the colors are nice, they represent a particular frequency.

There is only 3 minutes time between the first photo and the second. After the first photo was taken, that same cell phone was treated with TheWave frequency for 3 minutes. Then the same cell phone was placed on the subject’s right shoulder again and the second photo was taken.

After The Wave

Notice the organizational quality of the light. There is a clarity that is now present. There is an order to the light, in a clear concentric pattern around the subject. The subject’s face may now be seen and the cell phone is now visible, resting on her right shoulder. There is an absence of interference.

The shift in colors from orange and pink to greens and blues. All colors represent particular frequencies of light. You notice in the rainbow that the lower frequency of orange, pink and reds is at one edge of the rainbow and the colors change in increasing frequencies, ending in the blues, indigo and violet. What these photos indicate is a shift from a lower frequency to a higher frequency range.

“In the absence of interference, we may experience our highest level of vitality. In fact, everything works more efficiently. It is  for this reason that some of our clients are reporting a reduction in their electric bill as well as a feeling of calm and clarity.” Darlene Green