Our testing confirms a change in energy…I personally feel an emotional uplift, lighter, happier.  I have shown it to our alternate health practitioner and her testing also confirmed the positive change and it will be of benefit to everyone (100%).

Harst, Canada

I have not slept this good in years!!!


I have had one plug in my home and can feel the soothing effect.  Please send 5 more.

-Denise, UT

My electric bill has been $67 instead of $90.  Thank you so much!

-Christine, GA

I live in Tucson and received the plug about 2 days ago.  I am just thrilled with the first 24 hours let alone longer — and I know it will build.  The first thing we did was charge each cell phone, then I put it in the wall and walked away.  Within the first 24 hours we could feel the energy shift.  I felt clearer immediately — like the windshield was clean.  My BP has lowered and stayed that way — almost normal.  I have noticed the bananas I bought Monday have not gone bad.  Food tastes better.

-Rikki, AZ

I have had TheWave Plug for 4 months now and within 3 days I felt my personal frequency start to resonate with my true soul’s nature.  I then started reading and understanding with ease…I have been seriously dyslexic my entire life.  My plants, fruit and vegetables were staying fresh 3 times longer.  My electric bill is $60 less this month than it was last year at the same time.  My home and I have greatly benefited from having TheWave Plug.

-Kathryn, AZ

The immediate boost in well-being is already worth it.  I went through some flue-like symptoms for a few days and now I find my energy is really sailing.  I left one in my parent’s home and my sister’s home.  My Dad’s sleeping much better these days and his sense of humor has return ed (less pain).

-Ron, OR

First of all, we would like to tell you how grateful we are to you for having released the information regarding the plug.  We were completely sure that the plug would offer all the benefits to anybody who would care for his/her well being.  Rapidly we have noticed an important a raise in the vibratory rate of our house (we work with scales and pendulum).

-Christine, France

Plug has been connected for one week, less dust, happy plants.  I have arthritis in my fingers and they are much less stiff.  Big differences.  Thank you so much!

-Era, Sweden

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